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the in-cage
® lock box

Get packages and groceries conveniently and securely delivered in-cage®

at your door.

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Have packages delivered in-cage® whether you are home or away.

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Help protect your

packages from damage,

bad weather and going missing.

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Pick up your packages without any contact

with delivery drivers.

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Our game-changing
feature: "in-cage® delivery"!

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional delivery methods and experience a seamless and secure way to receive your packages. ​

Here's how it works: when delivery drivers reach your location, they'll scan the barcode on your package, triggering the power of our in-cage® system. Without any action from your side, the in-cage® automatically unfolds, creating a safe and convenient space for your deliveries.

Delivery drivers just place your packages inside the in-cage®, which effortlessly locks itself, ensuring your precious packages stay safe and secure until you're ready to retrieve them.



 Stop receiving complaints from your customers thanks to the in-cage®.


260 million packages were missing from American porches over the last 12 months. Many more were rescheduled for another day delivery. These failed deliveries frustrate your customers, and they inherently associate the delivery experience with your brand.


Offer your customers a seamless delivery experience. Guaranteed delivery without any customer interaction.

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The in-cage® App

Experience the freedom of remote access as the in-cage® App empowers users to conveniently open and close their in-cage® from anywhere, at any time. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can effortlessly manage access to your in-cage® and ensure the security of your packages.

With our innovative "locate my in-cage®" feature, you can now effortlessly share the GPS location of your in-cage® with delivery drivers.

Stay organized and informed with the incage App's intuitive order tracker, which provides a comprehensive overview of all your orders selected to be delivered in-cage®. No more digging through endless emails or hunting for tracking numbers.

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  • Is it necessary to plug the in-cage® ?
    The in-cage® does not require any plug. The smart doorbell and the smart lock use long-life batteries, enough to juice up the devices for up to 2 years if you get one delivery every day.
  • What if the smart lock does not work anymore?
    The smart lock device can be operated with a physical key in case its batteries are depleted. We recommend you keep the key in a safe place.
  • Can I receive multiple packages throughout the day?
    Once the in-cage® has been used for a delivery, it can be opened again either via the smart doorbell app or the Amazon Key app for a subsequent delivery.
  • How many items can be stored in an in-cage® ?
    The standard version of the in-cage® has a storage volume of 55x45x30cm. This volume can store up to 6 standard shoe boxes. If you receive several packages on a daily basis, we suggest opting for the in-cage® Max. It can store up to 9 shoe boxes. Make sure your entry door and importantly the door handle’s position does not interfere with the in-cage® Max proper installation (see instruction manual).
  • Can I use multiple in-cage®, one in my house and another in my secondary house, for example?
    Absolutely. Just link both smart-locks and smart doorbells to your InCage App.
  • Do I need my landlord’s or the building management’s agreement to install the in-cage® on my apartment entry?
    Since the installation of the “pole” version of the in-cage® is non-intrusive, you don’t need your landlord’s agreement to install it. If you opt for the Ring or Blink smart doorbell option, you can easily position the dedicated blind lid as instructed in the user manual. It will constantly cover the doorbell camera when not in use by couriers, clearing any privacy concerns for other tenants. You are free to install the “pole” version of the in-cage® with the Ring or Blink option at your apartment entry without impacting your neighbors. Some buildings have uniformization requirements and may ask you to remove your in-cage®. In that case, we will take the responsibility to contact your building management and explain to them that your in-cage® prevents packages from filling up the building reception and saving building personnel from sorting all these packages.
  • I already have a Ring smart doorbell. It seems the in-cage® smart doorbell is redundant for me.
    If you are equipped with any of the Ring or Blink smart doorbell models available, you can easily use it with the InCage App.
  • Can I receive packages in-cage® from merchants other than Amazon?
    When selecting “In-Cage delivery” at checkout on partner merchants’ platforms (e.g., Deliveroo, Doordash…), you can enjoy a contactless, automatic delivery equivalent to the Amazon Key delivery. The optional thermal tote will maintain your meal or perishables at their ideal temperature for at least 2 hours. The in-cage® can also be equipped with a Ring or Blink smart doorbell, allowing couriers to exchange visually with you so you can remotely unfold the in-cage®. Once couriers drop your package in-cage®, its lid drops and locks automatically.
  • Where can I get an in-cage® ?
    in-cage® will be available for purchase on and You will have a variety of colors, sizes and accessories to choose from.
  • What is the in-cage® warranty?
    The in-cage® is subject to the same warranty as Ring smart doorbells. More details on the terms & conditions can be found on
  • What is the price of an in-cage®?
    We are working hard to make the price of the entry level in-cage® below $119.90. There will be many options to choose from to make the in-cage® even more convenient.
  • How do I install the in-cage®?
    The basic version can be drilled on any wall close to your door or gate. If you are not comfortable drilling anything on your property, you can opt for the “pole” option or the“gate” option.
  • Do I need to drill the in-cage® on my door?
    The distinctive advantage of the “pole” version of the in-cage® is its non-intrusive installation. Just position the pole accessory in front of your entry door and tighten it between the floor and top door frame, close to the door hinges. To prevent it from falling, you can run the dedicated high duty straps through the door side and lock the safety devices.
  • What if the smart lock does not function anymore?
    The smart lock device can be operated with a back-up battery bank (included) in case its batteries are depleted. We recommend you keep it in a safe place.
  • Can I install the in-cage® on my gate?
    The in-cage® is available for gate installation with a U-shaped structure accessory that slides under your gate and secured tightly onto it. Again, you don’t need to drill anything onto your gate. Just make sure the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough at the gate (Wi-Fi range extender can be added to your purchase).
  • Can I re-use my in-cage® when I move out?
    The “pole” and “gate” versions of the in-cage® can be moved without leaving any damage to your door or gate. It can be reinstalled on any door or gate wherever a Wi-Fi signal is available. It is linked to your InCage App account only, independent of your location. You will be able to locate your in-cage® new position

Interested in giving your customers in-cage® deliveries?

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