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Introducing The Amazon Key In-cage®, a Complete Reinvention Of The Mailbox.

Competition in eCommerce is extremely intense, and Amazon must constantly innovate to remain the uncontested leader. There is a sense of urgency, as customers are loyal until the second they are offered something better. Amazon has to “wow” customers with pioneering products and services to guarantee their continued purchase from its marketplace on a repeat basis.


Saving customers time and money, Amazon’s highest priority


The main driver of Amazon’s growth is its relentless focus on customer experience. Based on Jeff Bezos’ 2002 letter to shareholders, customer experience is anchored on convenience and fast deliveries. A recent survey shows 81% of customers are anxious waiting for their deliveries, a symptom of a painful experience.


Convenience Matters More: Reliable Pickup Options Over Speedy Deliveries


Many customers frequently cancel their purchases because they are worried about not being able to receive their orders conveniently. This usually happens when they reach the crucial step of the purchase process, which is clicking the 1-click buy button. At this point, customers are informed about the estimated delivery time, which can range from a few hours to a few days. Often, they know they won't be home, or they're uncertain about it. The risk of not being able to receive their packages within the
proposed timeframe often leads customers to abandon the order altogether. The ability to conveniently pick up packages within a specified timeframe is actually more important to customers than the specific timeframe itself.

The Impact of Failed Deliveries: Financial Losses and Environmental Pollution

In the past year alone, a survey revealed that a staggering 260 million packages went missing from American doorsteps, and more than half of them (51%) were Amazon packages. This means that Amazon faced a significant loss of $2.2 billion due to failed deliveries, with an average cost of $17.2 per failed delivery. To handle this volume of packages, approximately 4,200 full-time Amazon delivery trucks were constantly navigating our crowded and polluted streets. Just to put it into perspective, this is equivalent to 12,000 passenger cars being used for the same purpose. Failed deliveries take a toll not only on customers and Amazon but also on the environment.

Enhancing Your Experience through Customer Feedback


To ensure a smooth delivery process, it is essential for couriers to align their delivery schedules with those of customers. However, achieving a perfect match is nearly impossible because customers lead busy lives. This mismatch arises from the inherent challenges of accommodating customer's schedules.

To address the issue of customers not being present at the time of delivery, several alternative delivery methods are available. These include:

1) Delivery at the doorstep: The package is left outside the customer's residence.
2) Delivery to a receptionist or neighbor: The package is entrusted to a receptionist or a trusted neighbor for safekeeping.
3) Delivery to pick-up stores or lockers: The package is delivered to a designated pick-up location or secured locker for the customer to collect at their convenience.
4) Rescheduled deliveries: Customers can arrange for a new delivery time that suits their availability.
5) Delivery in smart boxes: Packages are placed in secure smart boxes, accessible by the customer via a unique code or device.

However, none of these delivery methods fully meet customers' expectations and effectively prevent widespread delivery failures on a large scale.

Amazon offered Key In-Home, In-Garage, and In-Car delivery services. With Key In-Home and In-Car deliveries recently canceled, customers have expressed hesitancy in compromising their privacy for the convenience offered by In-Garage deliveries. Furthermore, it's important to note that not all customers possess a garage in the first place.

Enhancing the Experience and Safety of Delivery Drivers

Amazon Prime offers customers convenience and fast deliveries. To further enhance the Prime shopping experience, Amazon is expanding its benefits beyond the Amazon platform. This expansion will result in a higher number of shipments for Amazon's couriers. However, recent studies indicate that Amazon couriers experience more injuries compared to the company's warehouse workers. The fast pace of delivery is the primary reason behind this high injury rate. While speed is crucial, there is currently no consistent tool available to assist couriers in finding customers' addresses, delivering packages efficiently in the absence of customers, or avoiding unnecessary interactions with customers, which are tasks they are not specifically trained for. The challenges associated with last-meter deliveries, coupled with the increased shipment volume, are expected to raise Amazon's costs and lead to a greater number of injuries.

Amazon delivery driver (3).jpg

The in-cage®, reinventing the way we receive packages


Tighd offers Prime customers the in-cage®, a non-intrusive, sleek and smart device literally locking packages to your door when away from home, seamlessly. It allows couriers, the quickest and most reliable delivery method, saving them precious time and releasing pressure from their job. For more details, visit and watch our demonstration videos on all the benefits the in-cage® offers customers, Amazon and its drivers.

Interested in giving your customers in-cage® deliveries? 
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