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Stop receiving complaints from your customers thanks to the in-cage®.

260 million packages were missing from American porches over the last 12 months. Many more were rescheduled for another day delivery. These failed deliveries frustrate your customers, and they inherently associate the delivery experience with your brand. Offer your customers a seamless delivery experience. Guaranteed delivery without any customer interaction.


Why partner with Tighd ?

Your customers get the best delivery method: Pick up packages locked to their door, when they want it… seamlessly. Increase your customers’ satisfaction and generate repeat purchases.

Save Money 


Realize cost savings through fewer rescheduled deliveries, package replacements, or order refunds. Enhance your profit margins and get a competitive edge over your competitors.

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Increase your couriers’ productivity

Seamless in-cage® deliveries are by far the safest and quickest way to deliver packages to customers with our incage Pro App. Increase your couriers’ productivity - increase your capacity - lower your cost.

Reduce delivery trucks use and save our planet

260 million packages vanishing = 8000 trucks roaming full time our congested and polluted street. Reduce the number of delivery trucks in our streets and save our planet.

The incage Pro App


By partnering with us, you will get a seamless integration of the incage app with your platform, providing significant benefits to both you and your customers. When a customer selects "in-cage® delivery" at checkout on your platform, the package barcode will serve as the key to remotely open your customer's in-cage®.

Couriers will utilize their handheld devices to scan the package barcode. This will trigger a signal to the corresponding in-cage® smartlock via Wi-Fi connectivity. As a result, the in-cage® will unlock, granting access to the courier for package delivery.

One of the key advantages of our system is that couriers receive the precise GPS location details for each in-cage® delivery destination when scanning the package barcode. This eliminates the need for time-consuming searches of inaccurate postal addresses, saving valuable time and resources for our couriers.


Partnering with us will revolutionize your platform's delivery process, providing a secure and efficient in-cage® delivery option to your customers.


Contact our team of experts to set up a demo of the integration process.

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